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Apr 26, 2012

More on GTM Statistics Collection Server




In versión 11.x there is the option to create a Prober Pool and define severals server into this pools, but in version 9.x and 10.x, we can only have a single Statistics Collection Server. Even if the GTM rever to auto-select when the definnied collection server fails, this is not a good solution for me, since not all the GTM on my sync groups are able to monitor all of the servers, and in case of failure of the Statistics Colletion Server, the servers are randomly marked offline.



Since upgrading to version 11 is not posible at this moment, I am thinking about implementing some kind of redundancy. My idea is to make an script to change the configured Statistic Collection Server when it fails, with tmsh commands. Something like:



tmsh modify gtm server XXXX prober y.y.y.y



but I don't know the best way to run the script: ¿from the linux box with a crontab entry? ¿creating a pool with the GTM that can be elegible to be correct probers and an iRule?


I mean, ¿which is the best way to trigger the script if one GTM fails, if this is posible?



Thank's a lot.



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  • I found my self. Best option was adding a custom action in user_alert.conf.



    alert Change_Collection_Server "SNMP_TRAP: Box x.x.x.x state change green


    --> red (Box x.x.x.x on Server XX: Unavailable)" {


    exec command="/"






    Thanks to Ed Hammond for his usefull post: