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Dec 06, 2023

Monitoring MySQL 8 / mysql_native_password being deprecated

Is anyone monitoring MySQL 8 databases?   

If so, how are you dealing with mysql_native_password being deprecated?   

I tried using cachine_sha2_password on a remote MySQL 8 database since it's the new default.  However, /usr/lib/mysql/plugin/ isn't on on BIGIP version 15.10.1.   It doesn't look like that plugin is availabe on BIGIP version 16.x or 17.x either.

At this moment in time, mysql_native_password is still available.   I would like to deal with this proactively since the feature will be removed at some point.


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  • Thanks for the suggestion!

    This will work in a pinch if mysql_native_password should be deleted before F5 provides and update.  I tested this in the lab and was able to create a viable montior using bash and the mysql client that was in the mysql8 tar file.

    Full disclosure.  Previously, I was using an external monitor using perl and that doesn't work.   

    Hopefully, F5 will provide an update so that maintaining this configuration isn't necessary.

  • You can try to use external monitor as workaround:

    1. extract mysql 8 tar package in F5 (using the linux cli), preferably in /var/tmp folder.
    Do this in both active and standby node.
    In download, select "linux generic" to get the tar package options.

    2. in f5 web gui (local traffic >>> monitor), create external LTM monitor containing script executing proper mysql command:
    /var/tmp/..../mysql .....

    3. assign the external monitor to the pool