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Apr 27, 2012

Monitor citrix through web interface servers

We load balance two citrix web interface servers and use a standard http health monitor on them. We need to figure out a monitor that will:



1. Connect to each web interface server


2. Accept the auto redirect from the server to an https:// citrix page


3. Log in to the page


4. Check the delivered page for a receive string.


5. If failure - mark that one web server as down (the one it connected to in step 1)



Is there a way to script this in an iRule? Other ideas? We're running 10.2.0 code.



Thank you!


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    Use an external monitor. I usually write it in perl, or bash. Then you have access to things like curl...



  • I was thinking perl could be used but I'm a bit rusty on it. I'm trying to search up some examples. Do you have any examples that would show any piece of this process?
  • Have you seen this:
  • Hi Jake,


    Which version of TMOS are you using currently???? The iApp feature of the new release gives you the synthetic monitors/Advanced Monitors which will accept a username and password from you and based on that it logs in to analysic which servers is actually serving the client and which one not. I beleive it will help you.



  • I'm running 10.2.0 code. I did find the deployment guide over the weekend and it looks like I need to be at 10.2.1 to get the right template to do this. Also looks like we need to configure a DNS server for the f5 to query so we can enter the domain / uri into the template.