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May 02, 2011

Mobile redirect with forced SSL

Hi guys,



I am faced with dual puzzle for site demending dual function redirect causing some issses.


I need to provide detection process from site provide mobile type version/release services.


I establised individual VIP exposed and registered externally with Requests sourcing from mobile devices are detected and redirected to m.version VIP using script I enclosed below. It works well and relatively all devices are detected and rediected properly. All are happy and I still have the job. Problem develops with adding SSL force redirect after mobile deterction takes place. Standard http_https_redirect fails to complete after my first script runs.



Concept is relatively simple. All traffic to standard VIP is redirected to SSL. Same applies to mobile frame devices and they all need to be SSL forced.



Can you please share some light on single or dual step scripts you know work with this requirements?


I appreciate your help .






switch -glob [string tolower [HTTP::header User-Agent]] {


"*blackberry*" -


"*windows ce*" -


"*palm*" -


"*sonyericsson*" -


"*lg*" -


"*sie*" -


"*up.b*" -


"*up*" -


"*motorola*" -


"*mot-*" -


"*astel;*" -


"*j-phone*" -


"*netfront*" -


"*xiino*" -


"*iphone*" -


"*benq*" -


"*cricket*" -


"*andr*" -


"*htc*" -


"*nokia*" -


"*portalmmm *" -


"*samsung*" -


"*sec*" -


"*vodafone*" -


"*smartphone*" -


"*symbian*" {


HTTP::redirect "]"








if { [string tolower [HTTP::header Accept]] contains "vnd.wap.wml" } {


HTTP::redirect "]"






if { [HTTP::header exists "MSISDN"] } {


HTTP::redirect "]"










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