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Aug 01, 2011

[LTM] BIG IP Clusters upgrade 10.0.1 -> 10.2.1

Hi All,



Between the version 10.0.x and the version 10.2.x,



is the HA protocol compatible between the two versions ?



Because, one of my customer, would like to update his 2 clusters without service interruption.



Kind regards,




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  • Hi Brice,



    If you can use serial failover, the standby unit will stay standby. Network failover is not guaranteed to work though. If you're not able to use hardwire failover, here are some rough steps for doing the upgrade with one outage:



    disable the switch ports on the unit B you're upgrading


    upgrade B


    re-enable the B switch ports during the maintenance window


    fail over to B during the maintenance window


    disable the A switch ports


    upgrade A



  • As Chris said, network failover "should" work in v10:



    sol9057: Service port and protocol used for BIG-IP network failover