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May 21, 2015

Load Balance Servers in the same subnet as managment interface eth0

I have a requirement to load balance servers in my management network. This subnet is also where the mgmt. IP of my LTM device resides. When I try to create a self IP in this subnet I get an error. I've tried a few work-arounds such as creating a VIP in a separate subnet however the F5 still uses it's management interface to forward traffic to the server pool. Is there any work-around for this other than dropping the mgmt. interface and managing the F5 via a self IP in this subnet?


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  • Hi Stanley,


    The only way to get the traffic off of the Management Interface is to move that subnet onto a different Interface.


    I have seen situations where a device was "Managed" via a Self-IP Address that was not on the Management Interface, but in those cases you will still need a valid IP Address (with permissions...firewall rules, etc.) to allow the devices authentication to work properly.