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Jan 19, 2012

LC load balcing ISP connection across 2 DC?

Hi people, a question...




I recently have a requirement to utilise the ISP connection at the disaster recovery site, hence, can I proposed to use link controller at the primary site (which is currently managing 2 ISP connections) to manage the DR's ISP connection?



I have a L2 interconnection between the 2 DC which is behind the firewall.


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  • The F5 itself can do dynamic routing through zebos (zebos enable in the cli and then vtysh to get the config): (dunno what happend to the docs, anyone who knows?).



    Then it depends on your ISP how they will route your internet networks between the sites. A common method for this is to use BGP or such towards Internet.



    Another method to take into account is to use anycast ranges along with physical ranges.



    Lets say you have 3 x /24 in total. Then siteA could announce x.x.0.0/24 (as anycast) and x.x.1.0/24 as physical range while siteB announces x.x.0.0/24 (as anycast) and x.x.2.0/24 as physical range. The physical ip-addresses will be used for MX-records or if you really want to go to siteB for some reason.



    Usually the BGP would block siteA from seeing siteB (if both uses the same AS) but if you just "import" default route from your ISP then the static route will take care of that part. But this is more of a active-active setup rather than active-passive site-setup.
  • Hi Mikand,



    Thanks and sorry for the late reply, we wanted link controller's intelligence for managing the ISP links but however, we found that it is physically impossible to implement as it spans across 2 DC. Thanks again!