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Nov 24, 2010

Issue with setting up a rate class in Java

We're setting up two virtual servers with the same parent rate class, to limit their aggregate traffic.



Our first step in iControl is to create the parent rate class, then set up each child rate class and assign them the parent.



Based on the tutorial example:



our first step was to create the rate class using the create method LocalLB.RateClass.create



However, when we create a rate class with 0 base rate, the F5 responds with the error:



Exception: Common: OperationFailded


primary_error_code : 17236601 (0x01070279)


secondary_error_code: 0


error_string : 01070279:3: Rate class 'parentRateClass_3': ceiling rate must be greater than or equal to 296bps




At that point, we haven't specified the ceiling rate. The base rate is set to 0 MBps.



See anything? thx.


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  • This was a fun one to try to dig up. It turns out that the LocalLB.RateClass's create method takes a base rate and not the ceiling rate. But, under the seams, it set's the base AND ceiling rate to what you pass in for the base rate parameter. Since the ceiling rate has a minimum value of 296bps, passing a zero in for the base rate will throw the exception.



    The workaround is (if your base rate is less than 296bps), pass in the ceiling rate in the create method and then set the base rate after that to the lower value you desire (in your case 0).