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Apr 19, 2012

irule to replicate UDP accross multiple nodes




I'm looking for some help to create an irule that will replicate UDP traffic accross multiple nodes.



The traffic is netflow.



Client hits VIP on LTM and the LTM sends this netflow traffic to both node A and node B. I've tried clone pools, though they don't change the IP on the server.



Does anyone have any experience with this type of irule.






Peter M.

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  • Hi Peter,



    Which LTM version are you running? If you want to copy UDP traffic to multiple destinations and you can translate the source IP to an LTM self IP, you can use high speed logging (HSL) for this:





    Add a single destination IP:port to a pool and then call HSL::open once per pool and send messages using HSL::send.



    If you can't translate the source address and are on 11.x, you could use a UDP sideband connection:





  • I've using version 10. Can you use HSL for Netflow traffic. I am very new to irules.






    Peter M.