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Jan 21, 2012

HTTPS to HTTP and back




I've been digging through the discussions for several hours now and have not found one that answers my question. I am trying to set up a very simple configuration that takes in HTTPS traffic, sends it on to Tomcat server port 8080 (HTTP mode), and then returns back to the calling browser after adding HTTPS encryption.



I have:



* Generated an SSL Certificate using the F5 GUI


* Created an SSL Client Profile using the cert above


* Set the virtual server's SSL Client Profile to use the above profile


* Set the server's default persistence profile to cookie


* Added the following iRule to the virtual server:










* All the status indicators are green



When I attempt to access the web page via the browser:



* Navigation is blocked until I select "continue to this web site (not recommended)"


* Then I get "Internet Explorer cannot display the web page"



What am I missing? Do I need another iRule? How do I debug this?







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  • Hi Mark,



    You don't need an iRule to select the same pool for all requests. You can assign the pool as the default for the virtual server under the virtual server's resources tab. The continue to this web site message sounds like the browser doesn't trust the server certificate you've generated. That's expected if it's a self signed cert.



    The 'cannot display the page' message is either a TCP reset or a timeout. Is the tomcat server's default gateway set to the LTM self IP? If not, try enabling SNAT on the virtual server. SNAT automap is the simplest option.