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Apr 06, 2018

How to upgrade F5 BIG IP 3600 through API REST ?



I have a F5 BIG IP 3600 in version 12.1.2 build 0.0.249.


I would like to upgrade it in version 12.1.3 build 0.0.378 through python and API REST.


Configuration of the F5 BIG IP 3600 :


  • Product : BIG-IP
  • Version : 12.1.2
  • Build : 0.0.249
  • Disk : HD1
  • Boot Location : HD1.2
  • Active : Yes
  • Default Boot : Yes
  • Media : hd Install Status : complete

There are no other partitions.


I put the OS image on the F5 through scp in /shared/images.


When I tried o upgrade the F5 with the following request :


r ="https://" + ADDRESS_IP_INPUT + "/mgmt/tm/sys/software", json = ({"command" : "install", "options" : [{"create-volume" : True}, {"reboot" : True }],"name" : OS_IMAGE_INPUT,"volume" : "HD1.1"}))

s is a requests.session() where I have already defined the HTTPBAsicAuth, Content-type, token, etc.


I have the following response :


{"code":400,"message":"Found unexpected URI tmapi_mapper/sys/software.","errorStack":[],"apiError":1}

According to the documentation : icontrol-rest-api-user-guide-12.1.0-f.pdf, I did the necessary.


I have already succeeded in saving the ucs or restore a ucs through API REST. So I'm pretty sure, it's the request that lacks something. Is the url right ?


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  • You might have forgotten "image". i.e.,


    The following curl command worked for me.

     curl -sku admin: https:///mgmt/tm/sys/software/image \
     -X POST -H "Content-type: application/json" \
     -d '{"command":"install", "name":"BIGIP-", "volume":"HD1.3"}'