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Mar 17, 2011

how to pick up indivisual synclient users with dhcp?




I'm just a begginer on iRules.



And, currently I'm trying to script the iRules to sort the synclient (wyse) users by users account name (ID) since there IP addresses are random everytime they access (DHCP).



Please kindly give me a sample script or ideas how and what method I need to use.



Sorry for this rough explanation.



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  • Hi Ravening Wolf,


    Here is article about examine a RDP protocol for username and sends them to a pool accordingly. Note: I don't believe it's possible if there is encryption used






    I hope this helps





  • Hi Bhattman,



    Sorry for this late reply.


    Yours noted and thank you for your information.



    I'll try that script but encryption might be the problem as you mentioned.



    Best regards,


    Ravening Wolf