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Nov 25, 2020

How to modify client-ssl on multiple VS using TMSH



I was able to get the list of virtual servers using cert1 for example by list and grep.


Now, I want to use TMSH to use the CLI in replacing client-ssl cert1 to cert2. If I have like 50 VS, how to do that using modify on TMSH?


If I do modify /ltm virtual VSname profile add SSLname context clientside, im getting this error:

"vs has more than one clientssl/serverssl profile with same server name"


If I do delete, im getting this error:

"Syntax Error: "context" is a read-only property"


If I do replace-all-with, cert2 is configured but wipes all other profiles and i don't want to put alot of config to reconfigure all profiles in a VS.


Is there a 1 line command I can do?