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Sep 08, 2011

How are you solving your file duplication problem?

How are you solving your file duplication problem?



Here is how the problem starts. You create a report and send it to several colleagues to review. They save it to their home directory and then send you back comments in an email. Now, you potentially have several copies of the same file stored in the home directory file system. Even if you are using a document repository, users may still be creating temporary copies in their home directories.



So, how are you responding:



a. I don’t think that this is a real problem in my environment.


b. We have a tool that helps us detect duplicates in our environment.


c. We strictly enforce storage quotas which incentivize individuals to manage their own area.


d. We issue storage as a service and charge departments for their storage usage. This incentivizes each department to actively audit how the file system is being used.



Or is it a combination of actions?
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