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Jun 22, 2015

High availability between different hardware models

Dears, As you know, F5 has the ability to do high availability between different hardware model, if they have the same image.


Anybody tried that ? is it working fine?


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  • Hi,

    look SOL15496 :

    Starting in 11.4.0, the BIG-IP system supports high availability (HA) features, such as ConfigSync and failover between different hardware platforms.
    By allowing HA functionality between different hardware platforms, newer hardware platforms only need to join the current device group to receive the older hardware platform's configuration.
    For example, you can configure a new VIPRION 4400 blade to share the current device group with an existing pair of BIG-IP 3900s.
    You can synchronize the BIG-IP 3900's configuration data to the new VIPRION 4400 blade chassis.
    You can maintain active and standby states, which allows for failover and easier configuration testing.
    You can remove the older devices from the trust domain and device group.
    Note: You cannot synchronize BIG-IP Virtual Edition with hardware until 11.5.0. 

    I worked with a customer last week who created a cluster between a 2000s and a VE without any issue.

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    Note that connection mirroring is not supported unless the hardware (Or vCMP is you're running vCMP) is identical across all cluster members...


    IIRC it works, but if you have issues, you'll most likely be told that by support if you raise a ticket with any problems related to connection mirroring.