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Jun 15, 2012

Help to disable / enable LTM pool member




I am new to Icontrol using Perl.



I could write basic script to get pool status, system id etc...



For application deployment we need to disable / enable pool member. I couldn't get idea how to do it.



Can you please kindly shed light / share code on how to write a perl script to do it?



Greatly appreciated.





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  • Hello kaizen10,



    Just download the SDK and look at the Perl examples.


    Go to:





    click 'SDK Download' link.



    Go through the API documentation. That's really all there is to get you started. Maybe a tutorial somewhere...



    There are examples of 'iControl' coding here:





    Are you already familiar with Perl programming?



    ~ snovakov
  • You might have to remove/re-add pool members to do what you are describing above (i.e. enable/disable pool members).


    I looked in the LocalLB/Pool and LocalLB/PoolMember interfaces, and I don't see anything like 'enablePoolMember' or 'disablePoolMember'.



    Joe, can you help with this?


  • One other possibility is the:









  • Here's an article I wrote on Graceful Server Shutdowns that illustrate the enable/disable methods





    Here's another one that talks about the "three way" state toggle in the GUI, and the methods behind it:





    Hope this helps...