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Jul 07, 2023

gtm os version and ltm

hi expert

i want to make sure when i want to upgrade gtm on version 16 but ltm with velos doesnt support os version 16

is it fine to upgrade i want to make sure iquery work properly between gtm and ltm on velos




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  • Just avoid BIG-IP v16.... v14 supported till end of 2023 and v15 end of 2024. Let the dust settle on the new platform and the v16 debacle, allowing for v17 to mature. Unless you want to be the beta tester 🙂


  • thanks for suggest

    i am worry about version 17.1 because we have asm and apm and i don know behavior version on this and impact 

    i am not sure is v16 have some  issues 


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      I think this may be the 2nd time you are asking about configuration questions within the scope of BIG-IP software upgrades. I have 2 more suggestions for you:

      - If you have a few lab VE licenses, you can export and import the UCS file and step through the upgrades in a test environment. Going through this process is good practice and you can weed out any config migration issues.

      - Testing! If you have app testers lined up, then just perform the upgrade and understand that you can always revert by rebooting into the previous volume containing the old software and config. Testing fails? Take UCS backups, and QKViews to later determine root cause, and reboot back into old volume.

      Just some additional thoughts 😉