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Jan 31, 2012

GTM Design

Hi everybody,



I am evaluating a solution for my customers. I want to deploy a GTM box at each site and other GTM box in my data center to give to my customer a replication service. When their site goes down, the traffic has to go to my data center. At first, this model has to be used for 5 customers and maybe it going to increase.



Is this possible to do? What are the requeriments and limitations? Note that customers are different companies.



I appreciate your help.








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  • The limitation will come with integration among multiple customers. The GTMs are placed into a sync group and share their configuration information among each other. So it would require that you have a separate GTM at your location for each of the customers. There is a Virtual Edition available that might make it easier to accomplish.



    Make sense?
  • Thanks Doug!



    Then, I can't create 2 or more sync groups in the same GTM and place the "big" GTM in all sync groups ???? is that true?






  • Is GTM really needed for your case?



    I mean if you setup lets say to be used for VSERVER ips at each site you could then for site1 setup as VSERVER which will have the server1 from site1 as first choice and then server1 from site2 along with server1 from site3 in the same pool. Setup the same at site2 and site3 (but favour the local server to be used as first option).



    This way the client traffic will pass the F5 at the same site as the client where the F5 will then take a decision on which server will be choiced to handle the request.



    Like so:



    Client at site1 -> F5 at site1 (LTM decision) -> server1 at site1



    or if server1 at site1 is failing:



    Client at site1 -> F5 at site1 (LTM decision) -> server1 at site3



    Where client at site3 will have the following logical flow:



    Client at site3 -> F5 at site3 (LTM decision) -> server1 at site3
  • No - A GTM can only be in one sync group. A typical deployment would only have one GTM at each datacenter so while it might be nice to have one offsite - redundancy can be achieved by having one at each location.



    hope this helps.