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Nov 03, 2022

Form Based Authentication with Tomcat not working on F5

I have a virtual Server on the BigIP with a SSL client profile. The backend Tomcat server is accessible via http and offers the Tomcat form based authentication.

I always get "Wrong Username or Password"

It seems the Tomcat responds with status 302 and redirects to a http url, but even when enabling rewriting to https i can´t get it work. It seems the session information oder cookie gets lost but i am stuck in analysis. As the Tomcat form based authentication is a standard i wonder if someone is using this and got it working.


Kind regards


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  • Hello DanielK,


    It's difficult to troubleshoot this only using the description above, but I will try to give some tips that could be helpful in order to get a solution.

    1. Does the backend server require to use a persistence profile in the F5 to track the cookie?
    2. Use OneConnect, sometimes it helps to fix some rare conditions.
    3. Take a PCAP a try to figure out what the difference is between accessing through the VS and directly.