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Nov 16, 2011

"FirePass SSL/VPN VE 7.0 and Bring Your Own Device"

Hi all,



I have a question about the BYOD hype and i have to say that i am thinking about how F5 especially FirePass VE 7.0 (which is the one i am using right now) does or have a compatibility for it? which means; is it possible to setup FirePass to create differences between known devices and unknown ones which also applies to known and unknown users ?



is somewhere here some publication or documentation on this matter ?



Thank you very much.










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  • I would recommend installing a package or two to check for registry entries. If you don't want to do that, check for certificates would be the best choice.
  • Hi Mike,


    thanks for your reply.



    the matter is that beforehand you'll never know who is trying to access your network, that' s the concept of BYOD.


    i am wondering if it possible to setup a policy in FP Access Control List so that you can provide external unknown users and devices limited access to Internet outside your LAN.