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Jul 27, 2021

F5 Oauth server introspect JWT access token from external server

dear all,

I already have setup a F5 as oauth client, F5 as oauth server (AS) and F5 as API gateway where F5 performs the introspect internally in its oauth database. So that is all working fine.

Now we would like to perform introspect from an external server / API gateway towards the F5 and we are using JWT access tokens generated by F5 oauth server. I would assume the endpoint is /f5-oauth2/v1/introspect and we should define resource-server-id, resource-server-secret and access-token. According to the F5 documentation it is used only for Opaque tokens but that is not recommended as best practice is to use JWT.

/f5-oauth2/v1/introspect as token introspection endpoint for
	    validating Opaque tokens

Now the question, how am I able to perform introspect from an external API server towards the F5 oauth server to validate that the provided JWT access token is still valid?