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May 10, 2016

F5 LBaasV1 integration with Openstack Kilo and Cisco ACI



¿has anyone tried to run the F5 LBaaSv1 for Openstack Kilo, while using Cisco ACI as SDN solution with the ml2 plugin integration?


We are setting up that scenario, with an F5 physical appliance shared between all the Openstack tenants (the "under the cloud" deployment described in F5 docs) , but when trying to create a pool via Horizon GUI we get the following error


"ERROR f5.oslbaasv1agent.drivers.bigip.agent_manager [-] Exception: Unsupported network type opflex. Cannot setup network."


Opflex is the standard network type for Openstack with ACI, and I am not sure if it's possible to use another network type. We are asking Cisco support but meanwhile any information about a similar setup will be appreciated.




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