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Mar 28, 2011

F5 GTM: Should it be configured to do any local traffic?




I'm new to F5 and I've been reading as much as I can from the askf5 web site and it's been really helpful. I'm through the first chapter or so on the GTM configuration guide and I'm pretty sure the GTM that was set up prior to my hiring is doing stuff it's not supposed to. Considering we already have two sets of LTMs sitting down in our DMZ and internal network is there ANY reason you guys can see why a GTM also has LTM installed and handling external traffic???


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  • Its possible to do both with a bigip. I have seen this before and it was done to save $$$
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    IMO it comes down to capacity... And a healthy why not...









  • With the LTM handling the traffic coming into the company it seems much to intrusive. From what I'm reading it seems like the GTM is a little more transparent in terms of how it touches and directs traffic sans the WIDE IPs.