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Jun 14, 2024

F5 - insert http header on redirect and carry it over to the redirected site?


  I am trying to achieve the following: F5 pretending to be redirects to and inserting http header on redirect. We need to carry this header over in browser request to


I am able to insert HTTP header using HTTP:redirect:

  if { [HTTP::host] equals "" } 
            HTTP::respond 302 Location "" thisisheadername thisisheadervalue


  I do see my cookie among response headers, however, when going to, my cookie not among request headers.

  Is it possible to do? 

Thank in advance.

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      Glad to see you got this resolved, what was the fix our of curiosity . 

  • Hi Paulus,


    I am trying to insert a non-default custom header that will be carried over when redirect from website1 to website2 occurs.  I am not trying to insert "host" header. Sorry for my initial question wording if you got such impression. 

  • It seems like you're attempting to enter a host header but that should change from website1 to website2 when the HTTP redirect occurs.