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Nov 10, 2010

External HM question

Hi Gents,



Sorry I have another question :-)



Here is the setup











LTM-01-02 ----------------- LTM-03-04








SERVICE2 (VIP: tcp/61619)




We have two sets of LTM's; LTM-01-02 in the DMZ and LTM-03-04 on the Corp LAN.



We have a new service that has come online which is Service2 but the application requirements have changed, Service1 can only be online when the VS for Service2 is up.



I setup a tcp health monitor on LTM-01-02 to monitor the status of on tcp port 61619 but when the nodes associated with SERVICE2 go down, the health monitor stays up as the VS is still listening and the only way to stop the VS listening is to remove from the VLAN.



Can someone please help? Maybe with an irule or something else that I've not thought about it.







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  • what is VS type of service2? is it possible to use performance L4 instead of standard VS?




    can u use application level health monitor instead of just tcp?