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Jul 16, 2019

Export ASM event logs as a pdf

We are running ASM v13.1.15 and i need to export the ASM event logs as a pdf as it is only available in html format .

Appreciate your usual help F5 community

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  • Hello efouli,


    simply convert your html file to pdf with print to pdf tools.

  • Hi efouli,

    I'm also working with ASM on TMOS v13 and battling with the export of the event logs.

    Did you manage to export more than 100 event logs at a time?

    I've already more than 300 pages of event logs, and 100 event logs per page, but I can only export the event logs for each page individually which seems very restrictive to me when you have hundreds of log pages that should be exportable as a bulk.

    Any ideas?


    Joao Rolim


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      did you manage to solve this issue?