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Nov 05, 2020

Dynamic rewrite profile?


On our F5 we have VIP located in our DMZ that has an associated pool and rewrite profile that handles URI translations for our apps. Our environment is such that we have different external and internal DNS names. In the rewrite profile, the URI rules look like the following:


Client URI: app1.external dns

Server URI: app1.internal dns


Client URI: app2.external dns

Server URI: app2.internal dns


Using this method, the rewrite profile requires each app to have it's own individual URI translation rule for Client to Server URI translation.


Is there a way to dynamically handle the URI translation to eliminate the need for individual URI translation rules? The concept would be something along the line of a single URI translation of <app>.external dns to <app>.internal dns where <app> can be app1, app2, etc.



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