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Apr 12, 2022

cookie persistence issue with two BiG-ip

Dear :


we have issue with cookie persistence not working if the server connect to inside LTM but if server connect to outside LTM cookie persistence working

client traffic From 1 to 10

Outside VS

Source Address Translation : Auto Map

inside VS with cookie persistence

Source Address Translation : Auto Map


no Cookie on client browser for persistence 



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  • Hi,

    Could you show me the resource tab in the virtual server configuration? do you have cookie persistence configured? is a custom persistence profile?

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      configured with default Cookie

      • Hi,

        Ok, so the next step is to create a new custom cookie profile for testing the different types of cookie persistence to fit them according to your application:

        • HTTP Cookie Insert

          Using the HTTP Cookie Insert method, the information about the server to which the client connects is inserted in the HTTP header of the response from the server in the form of a cookie. By default, the cookie is named BIGipServer<pool_name> and includes the encoded address and port of the server handling the connection. The system sets the expiration date for the cookie based on the Expiration setting in the cookie persistence profile. HTTP Cookie Insert is the default value for the Cookie Method setting.

        • HTTP Cookie Passive

          Using the HTTP Cookie Passive method is unlike the other cookie persistence methods. The BIG-IP system does not insert or search for blank Set-Cookie headers in the response from the server. This method does not try to set up the cookie. With this method, the server provides the cookie, formatted with the correct server information and timeout.

        • HTTP Cookie Rewrite

          Using the HTTP Cookie Rewrite method, the BIG-IP system intercepts a Set-Cookie header, named BIGipCookie, sent from the server to the client, and overwrites the name and value of the cookie. The new cookie is named BIGipServer<pool_name> and it includes the address and port of the server handling the connection.

        In the link below you can find the way to create the cookie persistence:

  • on outside BIGIP, do not confiugure any persistence as pool member for it would be always the inside BIGIP VS. Configure cookie persistence with oneconnect profile (/32 mask) only in inside BIGIP.  Test and let us know