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Jul 31, 2011


I'm completely clueless. Usually I can pick up a guide start to finger through it, and find the answers I'm looking for but in this case I'm clueless. I'm currently in the process of deploying an Exchange 2010 environment and want to front end it with the F5 LTM. I have the product, it's racked and I have a management IP on it, but beyond that I am totally clueless on how to set this thing up to load balance the Exchange 2010 servers. I'm struggling to find any basic information on how to correctly install the device into the network first and then configure it to load balance servers. Looking for any starter guides and advice on to quickly get this thing up and running.



Thanks for the help.



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    You're in luck. There's a whole pages on setting up Exchange with F5. Checkout and look under M for things like



  • You'll be even more in luck when v11 (announced last week, bits to follow soon). With the introduction of iApps, the numerous configuration steps required will be obscured (if you like), requiring you only to answer some questions about your environment (server IPs, certificates, etc) and the iApp will build and manage your configuration objects for Exchange. If you want to learn more about iApps, head over to the iApp Wiki.