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Mar 19, 2013

Cisco Jabber over SSL-VPN (F5 Edge Gateway)



Does anyone tried using Cisco Jabber over SSL-VPN (Edge Gateway). If yes, is there any special configuration required to make it work...






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  • Hey Shiraz,


    We are rolling Jabber out right now with an on premise CUP server. The Jabber client is 9.6, and is for Windows. All functionality seems to work over the F5 Edge Gateway except for inbound calls when using Jabber as a softphone. When you have Jabber set to use your computer for calls and you are on the F5, it refuses to ring or pop-up the inbound call.


    I have a ticket open with support on this. The one setting that appears to allow calls to ring through is to turn on "preserve source port strict" under Access Policy->Network Access->Network settings. This causes other traffic problems for services we are using on the F5. If I turn this "port strict" on at the virtual server level it doesn't make any change at all. I have also tried creating a virtual server for SIP traffic (port 5060) and forwarding that to the call manager, but that doesn't work. Today we also tried creating a local traffic pool and applying that to the virtual server, but no go.


    I will let you know if I make any progress.


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      did you by any chance solve this issue?

      I am having the same issue and cant resolve it.

      Thanks friend.

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    I have identically requirement - what was the final solution?


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      hello Mario the result might be similar but the cause can be quite different, you have a different application to start with. please start a new question with some more details, which TMOS version, which Edge client settings (split tunnel, SNAT, ....), ... also a drawing of traffic related to the application is useful.