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Apr 17, 2024

Cannot see floating MAC address outside of ESXi



I am currently configuring two F5 BIG-IP LTM VM load balancers that are in high availability mode. The self IP addresses of both VMs are visible outside of ESXi hosts, but the frontend floating IP is not visible. This floating IP address is configured to be in the same VLAN as self IP just traffic-group-1 is applied. Looking at the ARP on the device that is the next hop for both F5s, there is no MAC address for the frontend floating IP address. Also, I cannot see this MAC address on the switch where the ESXi is connected.

Looking at the packet capture on the active F5, I can see that an ARP request was made for a floating IP and that the F5 responded, however this did not go outside the ESXi host at all. Any ideas, is there anything specific on the ESXi host that needs to be configured?

Thanks in advance!