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Sep 10, 2022

block traffic from outside to inside

Hello Dears

I had setup Vriutal server the Servers in vriutal server can access to anything in network ( from inside to outside ) while from outside to inside it's not enable to reach them on their private IP


could anyone help me plz.



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  • Hi MustphaBassim,

    So i think you can create virtual server type forwarding IP and allow just vlan Internal for go to outside, This's setup all traffic from external cannot access to internal

    I hope this information will help you 

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      hello dear and thnx for reply

      the Vritual server setting is standered one and for protocol i had put Protocol is all traffic permited


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        So i think, You can select internal vlan on option VLAN and Tunnel Traffic within virtual server for allow just vlan internal go to outside and all traffic cannot hit this virtual server