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Sep 01, 2022

BigIP ASM Problems with FileUploads with SOAP

Hi there,

actually my ASM Policy is blocking a file upload for one application with the error message:


HTTP protocol compliance failed
Chunks number exceeds request chunks limit: 1000


I raised the chunks limit blindly from 1000 to 1500 with no success. Where I can see the actually number of chunks without capturing the traffic? After disabling the funktion "Unparsable request content" Upload went through without a problem. But from the notice I would stick this on?

Note that disabling this check can result in losing many enforcement features in the ASM.

Sametime I get the following syslogs:

ASM out of memory error: event code X242 Exceeded maximum memory assigned for XML/JSON processing
Cannot allocate 27415074 more bytes for XML parser. current memory size 837505174 (in bytes)

As you can see I raised the available memory for XML request from 450MB (default) to nearly the double. 


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    • Hi HarunT,

      yep checked that already. It feels that the additinal required memory is raising over time. So I changed the value already to nearly the double and everytime the message appears it wants about 20-30mb more and raising. 

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      Two files with bearly under 10MB. XML Profile and every other setting limits I found are at least high enough or any. 

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        Very odd. The error indicates that it's trying to handle ~840 Meg.  ASM logs show anything?

  • Maybe anyone got ad idea? 

    It happens 2-3times a day and we are already at 1GB but keep getting 

     BD_XML|ERR   |Sep 20 12:11:39.672|26884|xml_validation.cpp:0244|Cannot allocate 22474662 more bytes for XML parser. current memory size 1002457583 (in bytes)
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      Nope. Same issue every few days and still on 14.x but I cant imagine that this is a bug and will be fixed with 15.x 

      I think the messages doesnt come from the application I suspect rather a other one. How can I track this? Some fancy iRule to log this big XML requests? I can imagine that this is coming from a total different application where Im not informed about xml/soap requests.