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Jul 01, 2022

BIG-IQ backup failure

If you happen to get an error message like this from a BIG-IQ backup look for an orphaned ucs file in /var/tmp. Once the orphaned ucs file is removed the backup should complete successfully. The message itself is true, that directory does not exist (on my BIG-IPs or BIG-IQ anyway), but seems to have northing to do with the cause of the error.

Error occurred during backup/restore operation on /mgmt/tm/shared/sys/backup not found

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  • Thanks for the heads up ted . For the message itself, would you mind reporting that into a support ticket if you have a moment? This would help in getting it clarified and accurate in future versions.

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      I am having similar issue however i do not see any orphan file in /var/tmp directory. Please suggest.

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    buulam: was there any update on this?

    I am investigating an issue with our scheduled backups. I get the same error for one of our load balancers.

  • So? Someone have news about this error?  task .ucs failed: error occurred during backup/restore operation on : /mgmt/tm/shared/sys/backup not found; please ensure the device is healthy