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Mar 31, 2023

BIG-IP Peer self local IP cannot be ping

Hi Expert,

I have a big-ip in HA setting.

But if I am in primary one, I cannot ping peer local self IP.

I can ping primary local and floating IP.

I check this link, and I do tcpdump in primary one, I can see I am using primary local self IP as source IP.

In peer one tcpdump, I can see 

12:14:59.719138 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 48 out slot1/tmm2 lis=

It seems the ARP not completed, so it should fix in network side or BIG-IP? is my gateway and is peer local self ip


In primary one tcpdump, I can see below:

12:19:48.827770 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 48 out slot1/tmm1 lis= is my loca self ip

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  • Thanks Leslie_Hubertus . 
    Hi SolarJeans , 

    What I understood till now , 
    - if you're in primary node you can ping ( primary node self ip and floating ip ) that's make sense because it's owned by primary one. 

    - you can't ping the peer self ip ( ).

    - I think the linked article will not help you in this case 

     I want to know The below results when tring to ping both of devices ? 
    as I see in this one "  12:14:59.719138 ARP, Request who-has tell, length 48 out slot1/tmm2 lis= " you are directed to ask the gateway. 

    - Could you please to check the assigned Vlan ( 2 local self ips and floating one ) make sure they are a in the same correct Vlan.

    - I see you connects both of f5 devices by a L3 switch , so can you try to ping the Big-ips gateway ( Switch interface ip ) which connects with both of Big-ip devices in this subnet ( 172.166.94.x ). 

    - If I miss some points please explain to me your network connectivity ( Vlans and a simple design ) to see which devices interacts with Bigip. 

    - Try to ping ( the Local self IP and Floating one )of the Peer device from Peer device itself.

    I will wait your response 

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      Sorry for late reply

      They are in corrected vlan. However, the peer one cannot ping the gateway.

      It seems this is network problem instead of BIG-IP problem

      • Hi SolarJeans , 

        Try to add a static ARP entry in both Bigip boxes. 


        issue this command on tmsh : 
        #show net vlan
        and get the HA vlans MAC addresses on both devices.

        Second ) 
        Add a static ARP entry for both devices in each other. 
        Follow this KB to do it :

        on brief , I want you to give up using dynamic arp to map IP & MAC , and using a static entry instead to define your issue is related to big ip interfaces , of one of your nodes can't resolve arp requests. 

        Chack again and let me know