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Jan 16, 2014

BIG-IP : multi-boot multi-version : each on separate file-system ?

This actually might be a bit of a newbie unix question.

My device has 2 volumes , each with a different version of BIG-IP :

HD1.1 BIG-IP 11.4.0 Build 2384.0 Final
HD1.2 BIG-IP 11.4.1 Build 608.0 Final

Via the browser admin ( System > Software Management > Boot Locations > ) I can boot into one volume or another.

Is it true that HD1.1 and HD1.2 are on totally separate file-systems ? So, once booted, ssh into big-ip only has access to the file-system for the version on the volume booted ?

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    This is true with the exception for items located in /shared/. An example would be images you have uploaded. They are placed in /shared/images/ and are accessible from any of the partitions you have booted.