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Jan 22, 2014

BIG-IP : iControl : System/ConfigSync::download_configuration() : error opening file for read operations

BIG-IP 11.4.1 Build 608.0 Final VE

I'm in .NET 4.5 C : using proxy classes generated from WSDL, I call into iControl API to retrieve BIG-IP system configuration :

var systemConfigSync = new SystemConfigSync("bigip", "admin", "admin", 600000);
long offset = 0;
SystemConfigSyncFileTransferContext context = systemConfigSync.download_configuration("bigip", 131072, ref offset); 

throws exception :

Exception caught in System::urn:iControl:System/ConfigSync::download_configuration()
Exception: Common::OperationFailed
    primary_error_code   : 16908289 (0x01020001)
    secondary_error_code : 0
    error_string         : Error opening file for read operations

On v11.4.0 , this call successfully retrieved the system configuration ( bigip.conf ). However, on upgrading to 11.4.1 it began failing.

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  • The download_configuration() method looks in the /var/local/ucs directory for the specified file. From the looks of the call, you are trying to get the bigip.conf file. If that's the case, it is located in the /config directory. To get at that, you will have to use the download_file() method and pass in a full path to "/config/bigip.conf". If you are trying to get a .ucs file from the /var/local/ucs directory, you'll want to type in the full name in the download_configuration() method. For instance "bigip.ucs" will translate to a file download of "/var/local/ucs/bigip.ucs" on the system.