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Nov 27, 2012

BIG-IP - Layer 4 or Layer 7 LB

Hi Experts,


Is BIG-IP a Layer 4 or Layer 7 load balancer? If either, how and why not the other?


Thanks -gseek




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  • It is both and more. You can use it as L4 (per packet, half proxy) by applying a FastL4 profile to a Performance Layer 4 Virtual Server or L7 with a Standard Virtual Server with a HTTP, XML or some other L7 profile. You could also use an F5 as a L3 router and for forwarding at L2.
  • Thank you for the prompt response Steve. Could i request you to please share a sample of VS with L4 & L7 profile.?
  • with regard to Partitions in BIGIP,there is only a default partition by name Common that is created. So, if a user is given Admin access, and if in that role he creates VS, pools, monitors, profiles, irules etc, all of them would be created in the same default Common partition, right?






  • An admin user could create additional Administrative Partitions and objects that reside within them.
  • In this half proxy mode back end server can send request directly to client