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Oct 11, 2022

As3 and Jinja rebase

Hi All,  We're using Jinja Templates and Ansible to manage our automation deployments with AS3 which works pretty well for the most part with LTM.. 

Question:  Has anyone got a script to rebase their stored configuration (which use Jinja templates) from the running config ?  We can obviously do a GET to pull back the running configs using AS3 but remapping this back to the configs based on the templates is alluding us currently.   I'd like to do this as I suspect there have been some manual changes in our deployment and I'm concerned the next push will wipe out running prod config and I'd like to avoid an outage. 


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  • Hey Brent_J 

    I think the only thing we have currently that can do the conversion you are talking about (running configuration of a tenant --> AS3 JSON) is our Automation Config Converter.   Last time i utilized it, it had limitations on what could be converted.  

    Github with Docker Deployment Code.

    Documentation on how to use Automation Config Converter

    Have you checked out this utility?  Or are you looking for something different than this?


  • Thanks for the response Matt_Mabis I hadn't looked at that converter yet.. Briefly looking at it now though, it looks the outcome of those scripts will be the same as what I get with the GET request..  I'll see if there's some more massaging that can be done using python.   


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      are you suspecting the manual changes are to as3 managed assets, or other parts of the config not under as3 control? If the former, yeah, that's not a great state to be in to have multiple sources of truth (or a false source of truth), but if the latter, that shouldn't be impacted by an as3 push.