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Feb 15, 2011

ARP entries

Hi all,



I apologize if this is not the best forum for this question, but I couldn't find one that goes into this.



We have a redundant pair of LTMs with servers connected directly to the ethernet interfaces on both units. In addition, we have a switch physically connected to both units. We are in the process of replacing that switch and moving the servers from the LTMs to the switch.



I'm looking at the arp table from the command line and the active unit sees the MAC addresses of the servers and the current switch, but the CLI only indicates that it sees them on the internal VLAN - not a specific physical interface.



Is there a way to find out exactly how the LTM knows about a specific MAC address? Since we want to remove the old switch first, I'm afraid that we may lose connectivity to the servers connected to the standby unit.





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  • Hi,



    I think LTM is abstracting the physical interfaces and associating the MAC address with a VLAN. I can't see a way to see which port a MAC address was learned from.



    Couldn't you just move all of the serves from direct connections to the LTMs to the switch during a maintenance window? Or am I oversimplifying the scenario?