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Jun 22, 2012

an easy health check question for the Pros

New to f5, not new to what I want.



Trying to create a simple health check for a pool containing 3 nodes listening on port 8080.



I have worked with the dev teams to create a status page that returns a static value containing this string "status": "success",



for the Send String, I have



GET /page/status \r\n



and for receive I have:



\x22status\x22: \x22success\x22,




Obviously this isn't working. Any suggestions?



Also, another kind of related question, where do I find more info about \r \n and some of the other escape characters I've seen in similar posts.








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  • Hi Tony,



    SOL4186 details the escape sequences you can use in monitor send and receive strings:



    sol4186: Entering escape sequences in an HTTP health monitor's Send and Receive strings




    If you don't specify an HTTP version in the send string, it defaults to HTTP 0.9. Some web servers will generate an error for this old version. Can you try this send string:



    GET /page/status HTTP/1.0\r\nConnection: Close\r\n\r\n



    Also, the monitoring daemon behavior for appending \r\n's to the send string has changed over the versions. If you're on 10.2.0+ the above example should work. If you're on a lower version, you will want to remove one or more \r\n's from the end of the send string:



    sol10655: Change in Behavior: CR/LF characters appended to the HTTP monitor Send string




    For general HTTP/S monitor info, you can check this SOL:



    sol2167: Constructing HTTP requests for use with the HTTP or HTTPS application health monitor




    And for troubleshooting info check this SOL:



    SOL12531: Troubleshooting health monitors