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Apr 20, 2024

Advise on setting up IRULE

getting error " HTTP_ Request event in rule requires an associated HTTP or FASTHTTP profile on virtual server 


My requirement 

When client request for  URL it should hit the pool  NF_PRD_XWEBEVENTS_443


When the client request for URL it should hit the pool Netforumprd_443_Pool

Current SETUP 

VIP is configured with port set to 443 



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  • In order to have an iRule that would direct traffic based on anything in the HTTP header you would need the HTTP profile and be performing SSL termination otherwise it will not work.

  • Hi Samit,

    When you would like to check about HTTP header you have to add HTTP Profile, Client SSL on virtual server

    Example IRULE

    when HTTP_REQUEST {
      if { [HTTP::uri] contains "/xwebevents*" }{
        pool NF_PRD_XWEBEVENTS_443
      } else {
        pool Netforumprd_443_Pool

  • Hi Paulius and Teerarat,

    Thankyou! for the update but the SSL termination is currently  on the server end . In that case , is there any alternative to tweak in the irule or configure a seperate policy . 



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      If you have a HTTPS virtual server you need a Client SSL profile which is what you will have to configure. An additional note, you do not have a reason to have a Server SSL profile because the traffic is already encrypted without any SSL profiles encrypted.

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        Thankyou Paulius for your valuable support.