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Mar 10, 2022

Access to view Traffic Policy

We have a number of Virtual Servers that have iRules to do their pool direction based on things like uri matching or client IP matching.  We also have a number that are using Traffic Policies.

We are trying to move to Traffic Policies since I'm told this is the "proper" way to implement this functionality BUT my clients can not see the Traffic Policies since their user role is "Application Administrator". They can view iRules to see if the desired behaviour is mirrored in the iRule code.  I've tried a couple of different roles but can only seem to give them permission to view Policies with the "Administrator" role which I would rather not give them.

I believed this behaviour changed back near LTM 11 - I am now on LTM 14 moving to LTM 15 in a couple months.

Does anyone know how to give read access to Traffic Policies without giving away all the perms?