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Dec 12, 2022

DevCentral Community Lab - A&O Toolchain - Deploying Applications with AS3 - December 13, 2022

Hi Everyone,

We will use this thread for help with the lab.

Lab Guide

Intro to the lab

AubreyKingF5 and I will jump on a live stream at 9:30am Pacific to give an introduction to the lab. I plan to stream to but will update this thread with the stream.

How to get into the lab

By now you should have an invite from the training system (UDF) for the lab. It will be open Tuesday, 9:00am Pacific so you actually have 30 minutes ahead of when we jump on the live stream in case you wanted to boot up the lab or even get started on it.

If you are an F5 employee that signed up, you will need to locate the lab internally on UDF. It is called "DevCentral Community Lab - December 13, 2022". You will need to sign up through that. Feel free to ping me if you can't locate it.

How to get help with the lab

Simply reply in this thread and one of us will be watching for messages. Please note that I work in Pacific time zone and Aubrey is in Eastern Standard Time so depending on the time of day, there may not be a response for a while. Hopefully folks who have progressed further through the lab can lend a hand too - it's a Community lab after all.

When does the lab end?

The lab will shut down on Friday, December 16 at 9:00am Pacific time.

Replay of Lab Intro Live Stream


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  • Question was asked during the live stream on adding ASM policies to something like an Exchange FAST deployment. What you'll want to do is modify the template to create the policyWAF option in the AS3 declaration. Luckily - in the latter portion of the lab, you'll actually run through the exercise of doing so. It's not specific to ASM, though, so I might modify that bit of the lab to show an example either later today or tomorrow. Will post in here!

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      This adds a WAF policy parameter to the example FAST template

      title: Simple HTTP Application
      description: Simple HTTP load balancer using the same port on client and server side.
        tenant_name: tophttp
        application_name: defaultsHTTP_8080
        virtual_port: 8080
        service_port: 80
      template: |
          "class": "ADC",
          "schemaVersion": "3.20.0",
          "{{tenant_name}}": {
            "class": "Tenant",
            "{{application_name}}": {
              "class": "Application",
              "template": "http",
              "serviceMain": {
                "class": "Service_HTTP",
                "virtualAddresses": [
                "virtualPort": {{virtual_port}},
                "pool": "{{application_name}}_Pool1",
                "policyWAF": {
                  "bigip": {{waf_policy}},
              "{{application_name}}_Pool1": {
                "class": "Pool",
                "monitors": [
                "members": [
                    "serverAddresses": {{server_addresses::array}},
                    "servicePort": {{service_port}}